Creates a EBS Volume.


aws::ebs-volume ebs-volume-example
    availability-zone: "us-east-2a"
    size: 100
    auto-enable-io: false
    tags: {
        Name: "ebs-volume-example"


Attribute Description
availability-zone The availability zone for the volume being created. (Required)
encrypted Should the volume be encrypted. Defaults to false.
iops The number of I/O operations per second (IOPS) to provision for the volume. Only allowed when ‘volume-type’ set to io1.
kms The kms, when using encrypted volume.
size The size of the volume in GiBs.
snapshot The snapshot from which to create the volume. Required if size is not mentioned.
volume-type The type of volume being created. Defaults to ‘gp3’. Valid values are gp2, gp3, io1, st1, sc1 or standard.
auto-enable-io When set to true, IO is auto enabled. Defaults to false.


Attribute Description
create-time The creation time for the volume.
state The state of the volume.
id The ID of the volume.