Gyro makes infrastructure-as-code possible


Gyro is an open source command-line tool for creating, updating, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. Gyro makes infrastructure-as-code possible. Gyro is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Using Gyro allows you to model your infrastructure using the Gyro language and then create, update, and maintain that infrastructure using the gyro command-line tool.

The Gyro language is designed specifically for defining cloud infrastructure. It was built with readability and organizational flexbility in mind. The language provides the ability to concisely define cloud infrastructure resources along with language constructs such a @for loops, @if conditionals, and @virtual definitions for packaging resources into reusable components.

Why Use Gyro?

Gyro is ideal for anyone looking to automate managing infrastructure in a cloud provider such as AWS, or Azure. Here are several areas Gyro can help:

Cloud Operations Teams

Gyro can help teams develop processes for infrastructure changes. Traditionally cloud infrastructure changes were accomplished using cloud vendor web interfaces which make it difficult verify and track changes. Using Gyro to define infrastructure-as-code, teams can manage infrastructure changes using more formal processes of review. Infrastructure changes can be reviewed to ensure only the requested changes are being made. Changes can be tracked using any version control sytem.

Self Service

Gyro can help organizations implement self service infrastructure. Traditionally cloud infrastructure creation has to go through a central operations team. As a company grows the ability for an operations team keep pace with these requests can be difficult or require growing the operations team. Using Gyro common infrastructure can be defined and shared across an organization allow teams outside the operations team to build and maintain their own infrastructure.

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