The Google provider implements support for Google Cloud Platform cloud provider.


The Google provider is implemented as a plugin. To use it add the plugin to your init file.

@repository: ''
@plugin: 'gyro:gyro-google-provider:1.1.0'

This lets Gyro load the Google provider plugin and lets you start managing Google Cloud Platform resources using Gyro.


This provider expects credentials to be provided using a json file containing the credentials of a service account. For more info refer Service account creation

Credentials should be defined in .gyro/init.gyro. You must provide the path to your json credentials file along with the project-ID that these credentials are for.

@credentials 'google::credentials'
    credential-file-path: '<path_to_credentials_file>'
    project-id: 'Project-1-ID'

To use more than one project, provide a name for your credentials. When a name is not provided then the credentials becomes the default.

@credentials 'google::credentials' project-2
    credential-file-path: '<path_to_credentials_file>'
    project-id: 'Project-2-ID'

To use a non-default set of credentials you must explicitly use them in your resource definitions:

google::compute-network backend
    name: 'backend'

    @uses-credentials: 'project-2'