Creates a EBS Snapshot based on the specified EBS volume.


aws::ebs-snapshot ebs-snapshot-example
    description: "ebs-snapshot-example"
    volume: $(aws::ebs-volume ebs-volume-example)
    tags: {
        Name: 'ebs-snapshot-example'


Attribute Description
volume The volume id based on which the snapshot would be created. (Required)
description The description for the snapshot.


Attribute Description
id The id of the snapshot.
data-encryption-key The data encryption key of the snapshot.
encrypted The encryption status of the volume created by the snapshot.
kms-key The kms key used to protect the volume encryption key for the parent volume.
owner-alias The owner alias of the snapshot.
owner-id The owner id of the snapshot.
progress The progress status of the snapshot.
start-time The start time of the snapshot.
state The state of the snapshot.
state-message The state message of the snapshot.
volume-size The size of the volume created by the snapshot.