Global external IP addresses are IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. They can only be assigned to global forwarding rules for HTTP(S), SSL Proxy, or TCP Proxy load balancers in Premium Tier.


google::global-address global_address_1
    name: 'test-global-one'
    description: 'test global static IP address'
    ip-version: 'IPV6'


Attribute Description
name Name for the resource. See Fields for formatting requirements. Valid values satisfy the regex: [[a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?]. (Required)
description An optional description of the address.
address An optional static IP address to set.
prefix-length The prefix length if the resource represents an IP range.
address-type Type of address to reserve. Defaults to EXTERNAL. Valid values are EXTERNAL or INTERNAL.
purpose Purpose for this resource. This field can only be used with INTERNAL type. Valid values are GCE_ENDPOINT, DNS_RESOLVER, VPC_PEERING or NAT_AUTO.
subnetwork URL of the subnetwork in which to reserve the address. If an IP address is specified, it must be wihin the subnetwork’s IP range. This field can only be used with INTERNAL type with a GCE_ENDPOINT or DNS_RESOLVER purpose.
network The URL of the network in which to reserve the address. This field can only be used with INTERNAL type with the VPC_PEERING purpose.
ip-version IP version that will be used by this address. Defaults to IPV4. Valid values are IPV4 or IPV6.


Attribute Description
status The status of the address. Valid values are RESERVING, RESERVED or IN_USE.
self-link GCP server-defined URL for the address.