Creates a subnet.


google::compute-subnet subnet-example
    name: "subnet-example"
    description: "subnet-example-description"
    ip-cidr-range: ""
    network: $(google::compute-network network-example-subnet)
    region: "us-east1"


Attribute Description
name The name of the subnet. (Required)
description The description of the subnet.
ip-cidr-range The IPv4 network range for the subnet, in CIDR notation. (Required)
network The network to create this subnet in. (Required)
region The region to create this subnet in. (Required)
enable-flow-logs When true, enables flow logs. Defaults to false.
private-ip-google-access When true, allows virtual machines in this subnet that only have private IPs to access Google APIs and services. Defaults to false. See Configuring Private Google Access.
secondary-ip-range list subresource

The secondary IP ranges that may be allocated for this subnet.

The cidr for the ip range. (Required)
The name for the ip range. (Required)
log-config The log config for this subnetwork. Can only be set if enable-flow-logs is set.


Attribute Description
id The Id of the subnet.
self-link The fully-qualified URL linking back to the subnetwork.