Creates a regional SSL certificate resource.


google::compute-region-ssl-certificate region-ssl-certificate-example
    name: "region-ssl-certificate-example"
    description: "region-ssl-certificate-example-desc"
    certificate-path: "../path/to/certificate-file.pem"
    private-key-path: "../path/to/private-key-file.pem"
    region: "us-east1"


Attribute Description
certificate-path The full path to the file containing the certificate(s) (in PEM format). The certificate chain must be no greater than 5 certs long. The chain must include at least one intermediate cert. (Required)
description An optional description of this SSL certificate.
name The name of the SSL certificate. Must be 1-63 characters long, and the first character must be a lowercase letter. All other characters must be a lowercase letter, digit, or -, except the last character, which cannot be a -. (Required)
private-key-path The full path to the file containing the private key (in PEM format). (Required)
region The region for the SSL certificate. (Required)


Attribute Description
self-link Server-defined URL for the SSL certificate.