Creates a network-endpoint-group.


google::compute-network-endpoint-group network-endpoint-group-example
    name: "network-endpoint-group-example"
    network: $(google::network network-example-network-endpoint-group)
    subnet: $(google::subnet subnet-example-network-endpoint-group)
    default-port: 80
    zone: "us-east1-b"

        instance: $(google::compute-instance gyro-network-endpoint-group-example-a)


Attribute Description
name The name of the network endpoint group. (Required)
zone The zone where the network endpoint group will reside. The zone needs to belong to the region of the subnet attached. (Required)
default-port The default port for the network endpoint group. This port is used if no port is specified in the attached network endpoint. (Required)
description The description for the network endpoint group.
network The network to create the network endpoint group in. (Required)
subnet The subnet to attach with the network endpoint group. All attached network endpoint needs to belong to this subnet. (Required)
type The type of the network endpoint group. Currently only supported value is GCE_VM_IP_PORT. Defaults to GCE_VM_IP_PORT.
endpoint list subresource

A set of network endpoint to attach to the network endpoint group.

The instance resource to add. Required for network endpoints of type GCE_VM_IP_PORT.
Port number of network endpoint. If unspecified and the NetworkEndpointGroup.network_endpoint_type is GCE_IP_PORT, then the defaultPort for the network endpoint group will be used.
IPv4 address of network endpoint. The IP address must belong to a VM in Compute Engine as either the primary IP or as part of an aliased IP range. If not specified the primary IP address for the instance resource in the network that the network endpoint group belongs to will be used.


Attribute Description
id The Id of the network endpoint group
self-link The fully qualified url of the network endpoint group.
size The size of the network endpoint group. Specifies how many network endpoints are part of this group.