Create a Neptune instance.


aws::neptune-instance neptune-instance-example
    engine: "neptune"
    db-instance-class: "db.r4.large"
    db-instance-identifier: "neptune-instance-example"
    db-cluster: $(aws::neptune-cluster neptune-cluster-example)

    db-parameter-group: $(aws::neptune-parameter-group neptune-parameter-group-cluster-example)
    availability-zone: "us-east-2a"
    auto-minor-version-upgrade: true
    copy-tags-to-snapshot: true
    license-model: "amazon-license"
    promotion-tier: 1
    apply-immediately: true

    tags: {
        Name: "neptune instance example"



Attribute Description
tags map A list of tags.
engine The name of the database engine. The only Currently the only supported value is neptune. (Required)
db-instance-class The compute and memory capacity of the Neptune instance. (Required)
db-instance-identifier The unique name of the Neptune instance. (Required)
db-cluster The Neptune cluster that this instance will belong to. (Required)

The Neptune parameter group to associate with this Neptune instance.

If this argument is omitted, the default parameter group for the specified engine is used.

availability-zone The availability zone in which the Neptune instance is created.

Indicates that minor engine upgrades are applied automatically to the Neptune instance during the maintenance window.

Defaults to true.


If this value is true, all tags from the Neptune instance will be copied to snapshots of the Neptune instance.

Defaults to false.


License model information for this Neptune instance.

The only Currently the only supported value is amazon-license.


Specifies the order in which a read replica is promoted to the primary instance after a failure of the existing primary instance.

Defaults to 1. Valid values are between 0 to 15.


Specifies whether the modifications in update requests are asynchronously applied as soon as possible.

If this field is set to false, changes to the Neptune instance are applied during the next preferred maintenance window.


Attribute Description
arn The ARN of the Neptune resource.