Create a Neptune cluster snapshot.


aws::neptune-cluster-snapshot neptune-cluster-snapshot-example
    db-cluster-snapshot-identifier: "neptune-cluster-snapshot-example"
    db-cluster: $(aws::neptune-cluster neptune-cluster-example)

    tags: {
        Name: "neptune cluster snapshot example"



Attribute Description
tags map A list of tags.
db-cluster-snapshot-identifier The unique name of the Neptune cluster snapshot. Must be a string 1-255 characters long containing letters, numbers, or hyphens. May not contain two consecutive hyphens. The first character must be a letter, and the last may not be a hyphen. Valid values satisfy the regex: [^[a-zA-Z]((?!.*--)[-a-zA-Z0-9]{0,253}[a-z0-9]$)?]. (Required)
db-cluster The Neptune cluster to create a snapshot for. (Required)


Attribute Description
arn The ARN of the Neptune resource.
allocated-storage The allocated storage size in gibibytes.
availability-zones list The list of EC2 Availability Zones that instances in the Neptune cluster snapshot can be restored in.
cluster-create-time The time when the Neptune cluster was created, in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
engine The name of the database engine.
engine-version The version of the database engine for this Neptune cluster snapshot.
iam-database-authentication-enabled True if mapping of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) accounts to database accounts is enabled, and otherwise false.
kms-key-id If StorageEncrypted is true, the AWS KMS key identifier for the encrypted Neptune cluster snapshot.
license-model The license model information for this Neptune cluster snapshot.
master-username The master username for the Neptune cluster snapshot.
percent-progress The percentage of the estimated data that has been transferred.
port The port that the DB cluster was listening on at the time of the snapshot.
snapshot-create-time The time when the snapshot was taken, in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
snapshot-type The type of the Neptune cluster snapshot.
source-d-b-cluster-snapshot-arn If the Neptune cluster snapshot was copied from a source Neptune cluster snapshot, the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the source Neptune cluster snapshot, otherwise, a null value.
status The status of this Neptune cluster snapshot.
storage-encrypted Specifies whether the Neptune cluster snapshot is encrypted.
vpc-id The VPC ID associated with the Neptune cluster snapshot.