Creates a VPC with the specified IPv4 CIDR block.


aws::vpc example-vpc
    enable-classic-link: false
    enable-dns-hostnames: true
    enable-dns-support: true


Attribute Description
cidr-block The IPv4 network range for the VPC, in CIDR notation. (Required)
enable-dns-hostnames When set to true, instances are launched with public hostnames. Defaults to false. See DNS Support in your VPC.
enable-dns-support When set to true, Amazon provided DNS server is enabled at or base of VPC network range plus two. Default is true. See DNS Support in your VPC.
dhcp-options A custom DHCP option set. See DHCP Options Sets.
instance-tenancy Set whether instances are launched on shared hardware (default) or dedicated hardware (dedicated). Can only be modified to default. See Dedicated Instances.
enable-classic-link When set to true, ClassLink allows communication with EC2-Classic instances. Defaults to false. See ClassicLink Basics.
enable-classic-link-dns-support When set to true, linked EC2-Classic instance hostnames resolve to private IP address. Defaults to false. See Enabling ClassicLink DNS Support.
provide-ipv6-cidr-block The amazon provided ipv6 CIDR block.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the VPC.
default-vpc The current default VPC.
owner-id The owner ID.
region The region where the VPC resides.
account The account under which the VPC was created.