Creates an AMI with the specified instance.


aws::ami ami-example
    name: "ami-example"
    description: "ami-example"
    instance: $(aws::instance instance-example-source)

        user-id: "AWS Account ID"

    tags: {
        Name: "ami-example"


Attribute Description
name The name of the AMI. (Required)
description The description of the AMI.
instance The Instance from which the AMI is going to be created. (Required)
no-reboot Specify if the Instance is rebooted when creating the image or not.
block-device-mapping set A set of Block Device Mappings to be associated with the instances created by this AMI.
launch-permission set A set of Launch Permission for the AMI. Cannot be set if public-launch-permission is set to true.
product-codes set A set of Product Codes for the AMI. Added Product Codes can’t be removed.
public-launch-permission When set to true, the AMI is publicly available for launch. Defaults to false.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the AMI.