Create an integration.


aws::api-gateway-integration example-integration
    api: $(aws::api-gateway example-api)
    integration-type: HTTP_PROXY
    timeout-in-millis: 30000
    integration-uri: ''
    integration-method: ANY
    payload-format-version: "1.0"


Attribute Description
api The API resource for which to create an integration. (Required)
connection The VPC link connection for a private integration.
connection-type The type of the network connection to the integration endpoint. Valid values are INTERNET or VPC_LINK.
content-handling-strategy The configuration to handle response payload content type conversions.
credentials-arn The credentials required for the integration.
description The description of the integration.
integration-method The HTTP method type of the integration.
integration-subtype The AWS service action to invoke. See Integration subtype reference.
integration-type The type of the integration. Valid values are AWS, HTTP, MOCK, HTTP_PROXY or AWS_PROXY. (Required)
integration-uri The url endpoint for the integration.
passthrough-behavior The pass-through behavior for incoming requests. Valid values are WHEN_NO_MATCH, NEVER or WHEN_NO_TEMPLATES.
payload-format-version The format of the payload sent to an integration.
request-parameters map The key-value map specifying request parameters that are passed from the method request to the backend. See Integration subtype reference.
request-templates map The map of velocity templates that are applied on the request payload based on the value of the Content-Type header sent by the client.
template-selection-expression The template selection expression for the integration.
timeout-in-millis The custom timeout in milliseconds for the apis. Valid values are between 50 to 30000.
tls-config subresource

The TLS configuration for a private integration.

The server name to use in order to verify the hostname on the integration’s certificate. (Required)


Attribute Description
id The ID of the integration.