Create an integration response.


aws::api-gateway-integration-response example-int-response
    api: $(aws::api-gateway example-api-websock)
    integration: $(aws::api-gateway-integration example-integration-websock)
    integration-response-key: '$default'


Attribute Description
api The API for which to create an integration response. (Required)
content-handling-strategy The configuration to handle response payload content type conversions. Valid values are CONVERT_TO_BINARY or CONVERT_TO_TEXT.
integration The ID of the integration. (Required)
integration-response-key The response key of the integration. (Required)
response-parameters map

The key-value map specifying response parameters that are passed from the method response to the backend.

See Integration subtype reference.

response-templates map The map of velocity templates that are applied on the response payload based on the value of the Content-Type header sent by the client.
template-selection-expression The template selection expression for the integration response.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the integration response.