Creates a sql server.


azure::sql-server sql-server-example
    administrator-login: "TestAdmin18"
    administrator-password: "TestPass18!"
    name: "sql-server-example"
    region: "westus"
    resource-group: $(azure::resource-group sql-server-example)
    system-assigned-msi: true
    tags: {
        Name: "sql-server-example"


Attribute Description
with-access-from-azure-services Determines if the azure portal will have access to the sql server. (Required)
administrator-login The administrator login. (Required)
administrator-password The administrator password. (Required)
name The name of the sql server. (Required)
region The region of the sql server. (Required)
resource-group The Resource Group under which this sql server would reside. (Required)
system-assigned-msi Determines if the system will set a local Managed Service Identity (MSI) for the sql server.
tags map The tags for the sql server.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the sql server.