Creates a sql failover group.


azure::sql-failover-group failover-example
    name: "sql-failover-example"
    database-ids: [$(azure::sql-database sql-database-example).id]
    sql-server: $(azure::sql-server sql-server-example)
    manual-read-and-write-policy: false
    read-write-grace-period: 2
    partner-server-ids: [$(azure::sql-server sql-server-example-partner-server).id]
    read-only-policy-enabled: false


Attribute Description
database-ids set The databases within the failover group.
manual-read-and-write-policy Determines whether the read and write policy is manual or automatic. Defaults to false.
name The name of the failover group. (Required)
partner-server-ids set The IDs of the partner servers.
read-only-policy-enabled Determines if the read only policy is enabled.
read-write-grace-period Determines the grace period. Required when used with the automatic read and write policy.
sql-server The sql server where the failover group is found. (Required)
tags map The tags for the failover group.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the failover group.