Creates a snapshot.


azure::snapshot snapshot-example
    provider: "Disk"
    disk: $(azure::disk disk-example)
    name: "snapshot-name"
    resource-group: $(azure::resource-group resource-group-snapshot-example)
    size: 10
    sku: "Standard_LRS"
    source: "Data"
    tags: {
         Name: "snapshot-example"


Attribute Description
disk Input disk from existing disk. Used when Disk is the provider. (Conditional)
name The name of the Snapshot. (Required)
provider Determines what data type is used. Valid values are disk, snapshot or vhd. (Required)
resource-group The Resource Group where the Snapshot resides in. (Required)
sku Specifies the sku type. Valid values are Premium_LRS, Standard_LRS or Standard_ZRS.
size Specifies the disk size in GB.
snapshot The source data managed snapshot. Used when Snapshot is the provider. (Conditional)
source The type of the disk, snapshot, or vhd used. Valid values are Linux, Windows or Data. (Required)
tags map The tags associated with the Snapshot.
vhd-url The url of the vhd. Used when Vhd is the provider. (Conditional)


Attribute Description
id Id associated with the Snapshot.
creation-time Creation time of the Snapshot.