Creates a disk.


azure::disk disk-example
     name: "disk-example"
     type: "Standard_LRS"
     os-type: "LINUX"
     size: 10
     resource-group: $(azure::resource-group resource-group-disk-example)
     tags: {
         Name: "disk-example"


Attribute Description
name Name of the Disk. (Required)
resource-group The resource group under which the Disk would reside. (Required)
size Size of the Disk in Gb. (Required)
os-type Type of OS. Valid values are LINUX or WINDOWS. (Required)
type Type of Disk. Valid values are STANDARD_LRS, PREMIUM_LRS, STANDARDSSD_LRS or ULTRASSD_LRS. (Required)
data-load-source-type Type of data source. Defaults to disk. Valid values are disk, vhd or snapshot.
data-load-source The actual data source.
data-load-source-storage-account The storage account where data source resides. Required only when data-load-source-type is set to vhd.
tags map Tags for the Disk.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the the Disk.