Create a Neptune cluster.


aws::neptune-cluster neptune-cluster-example
    engine: "neptune"
    engine-version: ""
    db-cluster-identifier: "neptune-cluster-example"

    vpc-security-groups: [$(aws::security-group security-group-neptune-cluster-example)]
    db-subnet-group: $(aws::neptune-subnet-group neptune-subnet-group-cluster-example)
    db-cluster-parameter-group: $(aws::neptune-cluster-parameter-group neptune-cluster-parameter-group-cluster-example)
    kms-key: $(aws::kms-key kms-key-neptune-cluster-example)

    backup-retention-period: 7
    deletion-protection: false
    port: 8182
    preferred-backup-window: "07:39-08:09"
    preferred-maintenance-window: "sun:05:12-sun:05:42"
    storage-encrypted: true
    enable-cloudwatch-logs-exports: ["audit"]
    enable-iam-database-authentication: false
    skip-final-snapshot: false
    final-db-snapshot-identifier: "neptune-cluster-example-final-snapshot-test"
    apply-immediately: true

    tags: {
        Name: "neptune cluster example"



Attribute Description
tags map A list of tags.
engine The name of the database engine. The only Currently the only supported value is neptune. (Required)

The version number of the database engine to use.

Defaults to Valid values are, or

db-cluster-identifier The unique name of the Neptune cluster. (Required)
vpc-security-groups set A list of security groups to associate the cluster with.
db-subnet-group A DB subnet group to use for this Neptune cluster. If omitted, the default group is used.
db-cluster-parameter-group The Neptune cluster parameter group to associate with. If omitted, the default.neptune1 group is used.
backup-retention-period The number of days to retain backups. Valid values are between 1 to 35.
deletion-protection Enable deletion protection on the Neptune cluster. Defaults to false.
enable-iam-database-authentication Enable mapping IAM accounts to database accounts. Defaults to false.
port The port number on which the instances in the Neptune cluster accept connections. Defaults to 8182.

The preferred backup window when automated backups are enabled. Must be provided in UTC using the format hh24:mi-hh24:mi (i.e. 01:00-02:00).

The window must be at least 30 minutes long, and must not conflict with the preferred maintenance window.


The preferred system maintenance window. Must be provided in UTC using the format ddd:hh24:mi-ddd:hh24:mi` (i.e. Mon:01:00-Mon:02:00).

The window must be at least 30 minutes long.

storage-encrypted Enable Neptune cluster encryption. Defaults to false.
kms-key The AWS KMS key to encrypt the Neptune cluster.
replication-source-identifier The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the source Neptune instance or Neptune cluster if this Neptune cluster is created as a Read Replica.
enable-cloudwatch-logs-exports list The list of log types to export to CloudWatch Logs. Currently the only supported value is audit.

Determines whether a final DB cluster snapshot is created before the Neptune cluster is deleted.

Defaults to true where no snapshot is created. If set to false, a snapshot is created before the cluster is deleted.


Specifies whether the modifications in update requests are asynchronously applied as soon as possible.

When set to false, changes to the Neptune cluster are applied during the next preferred-maintenance-window.


The DB cluster snapshot identifier of the new DB cluster snapshot created when the Neptune cluster is deleted.

Can only be set if skip-final-snapshot is set to false. Must be a string 1-255 characters long containing letters, numbers, or hyphens. May not contain two consecutive hyphens. The first character must be a letter, and the last may not be a hyphen. Valid values satisfy the regex: [^[a-zA-Z]((?!.*--)[-a-zA-Z0-9]{0,253}[a-z0-9]$)?].


Attribute Description
arn The ARN of the Neptune resource.
availability-zones list A list of availability zones in which instances in the Neptune cluster can be created.
master-username The name of the master user for the Neptune cluster.
associated-roles list The list of roles that are associated with the Neptune cluster.
db-cluster-members list The list of instances that make up the Neptune cluster.