Create a vpc endpoint service.


aws::vpc-endpoint-service endpoint-service-example
    network-load-balancers: [
        $(aws::network-load-balancer nlb-example)


Attribute Description
acceptance-required When set to true, require acceptance. Defaults to true.
network-load-balancers set A list of Network load Balancers. (Required)
principals set A list of IAM Roles.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the endpoint service.
name The name of the endpoint service.
availability-zones set A list of availability zones of the endpoint service.
base-endpoint-dns-names set A list of base endpoint DNS names.
private-dns-name The private DNS name of the endpoint service.
state The state of the endpoint service.
manage-vpc-endpoints Is VPC endpoints managed.
service-type set A set of service type.