Create a network interface in a VPC.


aws::network-interface network-interface-example
    description: "network-interface-example"
    subnet: $(aws::subnet subnet-example-nic)
    instance: $(aws::instance instance-example-nic)
    device-index: 1
    delete-on-termination: false
    source-dest-check: false
    security-groups: [
        $(aws::security-group security-group-nic-1),
        $(aws::security-group security-group-nic-2),
        $(aws::security-group security-group-nic-3)
    primary-ipv4-address: ""
    ipv4-addresses: [
    tags: {
        Name: "network-interface-example"


Attribute Description
description The description of the Network Interface that is being created.
subnet The subnet to create the Network Interface in. (Required)
security-groups set The list of Security Group’s that are getting associated to the Network Interface. If no Security Group is given, the default security group attached to the subnet will be assigned to the network interface.
instance The instance to which the Network Interface will be attached.
device-index The index of the device for the Network Interface attachment. This will start from 1 as boot device is set at 0.
delete-on-termination When set to true, the Network Interface will be deleted when the Instance is terminated.
primary-ipv4-address The primary IPV4 address which gets assigned to the Network Interface.
ipv4-addresses set The list of Secondary IPV4 addresses which gets assigned to the Network Interface. The limit of setting secondary instance depends on the instance type. See IP Address per Instance Type.
source-dest-check When set to true, enable network traffic on instance that isn’t specifically destined for the instance. Defaults to true.
ipv6-addresses set The list of ipv6 addresses.


Attribute Description
id The ID of the Network Interface which is generated with the resource.
attachment-id The ID generated when an Instance is attached to the Network Interface.