Creates a DAX cluster.


aws::dax-cluster cluster-example
     name: "cluster-gyro-example"
     iam-role: $(aws::iam-role iam-role-dax-cluster-example)
     node-type: "dax.r4.large"
     replication-factor: 1
     description: "dax-cluster-example-description"
     parameter-group: $(aws::dax-parameter-group parameter-group)
     subnet-group: $(aws::dax-subnet-group dax-cluster-subnet-group)

         security-group: $(aws::security-group security-group-dax-cluster-example-1)


Attribute Description
name The name of the cluster. Must be a string 1-20 characters long containing letters, numbers, or hyphens. May not contain two consecutive hyphens. The first character must be a letter, and the last may not be a hyphen. Valid values satisfy the regex: [^[a-zA-Z]((?!.*--)[-a-zA-Z0-9]{0,18}[a-z0-9]$)?]. (Required)
description The description of the cluster.
iam-role The IAM role being associated with the cluster. (Required)
node-type The node type for the cluster. (Required)
replication-factor The number of nodes in the cluster. (Required)
availability-zones list The list of availability zones of the cluster.
notification-configuration subresource

The notification topic and status of a cluster.

The notification the topic. (Required)
The status of the topic.
parameter-group The parameter group used by the nodes in the cluster.
preferred-maintenance-window The range of time when maintenance of the cluster will be performed.
security-group list subresource

The list of security groups for the nodes in the cluster.

The security group to be attached with the cluster. (Required)
sse-specification subresource

The settings used to enable server-side encryption of the cluster.

When set to true the SSE is enabled on the cluster. (Required)
subnet-group The subnet group of the cluster.
tags list subresource

The list of tags of the cluster.

The key of the tag. (Required)
The value of the tag.
wait-for-create If set to true the creation waits for the cluster to be available.


Attribute Description
active-nodes The number of active nodes in the cluster.
cluster-arn The arn of the cluster.
cluster-discovery-endpoint The endpoint configuration for the cluster.
node-ids-to-remove list The list of node id’s to be removed from the cluster.
nodes list The list of nodes in the cluster.
sse-description The description of the server-side encryption status of the cluster.
status The current status of the cluster.
total-nodes The total number of nodes in the cluster.