Create a route.


aws::api-gateway-route example-route
    api: $(aws::api example-api)
    route-key: 'ANY /api/example/route'
    authorizer: $(aws::api-gateway-authorizer example-authorizer)
    authorization-type: JWT
    authorization-scopes: [ "example-scope" ]


Attribute Description
api The API for which to create the route. (Required)
route-key The route key for the route. (Required)
api-key-required When set to true, an API key is required for the route.
authorization-scopes list The authorization scopes supported by the route.
authorization-type The authorization type for the route. Valid values are NONE, AWS_IAM, CUSTOM or JWT.
authorizer The Authorizer to be associated with this route.
model-selection-expression The model selection expression for the route.
operation-name The operation name for the route.
request-models map The request models for the route.
request-parameters map The request parameters for the route.
route-response-selection-expression The route response selection expression for the route.
target The target of the route.


Attribute Description
id The ID for the route.