Using a DirectiveΒΆ

A directive uses the @<directive-name>: <arg1> <arg2> notation. The Directive can take as many arguments as defined by the implementation.

Directives can also be multiline which accepts a map of directive settings along with the arguments.

@<directive-name> <arg1> <arg2>
        <directive-setting-param-1>: <value>
        <directive-setting-param-2>: <value>

For example:

@wait: $(aws::load-balancer production).instance-health.InService >= 5 -check-every 60 -at-most 600

This directive allows Gyro to wait depending on the condition provided by the first argument $(aws::load-balancer production).instance-health.InService >= 5). The option -check-every 60 specifies the check interval. The third option -at-most 600 specifies the maximum time to wait.